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Selasa, 02 April 2013

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www.safelink.com – Join safelink.com  SafeLink Wireless Government funded LifeLine program offers free cell phones and minutes, The SafeLink Wireless Free decision Phone & Minutes Program is Associate in Nursing help program for low-income families. solely qualified persons and families will apply for the system. whether or not you're certified or not relies uponon the State you reside in. however normally, you will qualify if you're already a participant in different state or federal help programs or your total social unit financial gain is at or below economic condition tips, nobody in your family has Lifeline Service without delay, and you've got a sound u. s. communication address.

www.safelink.com Information SafeLink Wireless

www.safelink.com – SafeLink Wireless Cell Phone

By applying for the SafeLink Wireless Free decision Phone & Minutes Program, you'll receive 250 free minutes each month for native and national long distance calls, texting and a lot of. There are not any bills, contracts, credit checks or hidden fees. This program could also be a true facilitate in permitting you to remain connected with the planet while not disbursal something.
You must be eligible for and presently receive advantages from a public help program like food stamps, health care or the likes of. Enter your name and address into the desired boxes, select the solution for the protection query, get into your contact information and breeze into the desired boxes, fill out the shape, so click on the button marked “Next”. Enter your personal data into the desired fields, then select a phone set up. Finally enter the characters you see written within the captcha box at very cheap of the page and continue with the method.

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If area unit|you're presently eligible and are receiving government help from a program like food stamps or health care, then you actually got to sign on for the SafeLink Wireless program. you'll get a cellular phone and 250 minutes a month for free!